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The moon Project

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#kids #girlpower #dreambig #stopstereotype

Games to overcome preconceived ideas!

Equality is learned. Stereotypes, that's understandable.

The Moon Project is not just about showing or saying ... but allowing kids to play, do and undo, question and share, laugh and have fun with inspiring games.


#equality #kids

Allow children to associate a job as much with a woman as with a man.

4 years and +

happy familly

#inspiration #dreambig

Familiarize children with remarkable characters such as Coco Chanel, Malala ...

6 years and +



Refresh the famous game to illustrate Queen and King in the same role and on the same footing.

6 years and +


Allow all children to Shoot for the moon

In 2018, equality is always a major issue. According to Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize for Economics) equality is even the key to economic development!

Our Mission: to allow children to grow the free spirit, without preconceptions.

Our games talk about equality, they deconstruct stereotypes to better fight them.

Our games also talk about great women, too often absent from history.

According to the United Nations, perfect equality will be reached in 183 years, in ... 2201.

And, what if we accelerated things a bit?

In France, only 2% of the streets are named after women.

And yet ... there are women who have done great things!

* Based on 2018 government figures

And yet... women know how to fly!

*Based on C. Fontani study, 2009

In primary school, 77% of children think that Pilote is a man's job

From the age of 6, girls think they are less intelligent than boys *

And yet ... the brains of men and women have the same intellectual abilities!

* Based on a 2017 US Study



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Topla has been fighting for 4 years to make math accessible and fun for all kids.
We wanted to take up a new challenge, the equality one!

The Moon Project is an idea

developped by TOPLA

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